Residence Villa Miky is located in the town of Albenga, a modern city, a treasure chest to open and discover with all its beauties. There are hidden treasures everywhere: from the past stand out not only ancient towers, medieval walls and monuments, but also the batipstery, the cathedral, noble palaces and other religious buildings, The ground as well hides unique archaeological finds, while the sea bottom preserves the important memories of the passed commercial traffics…and on the Gallinara Island, which breaks the glance of people looking at the horizon, emerges a sixteen century tower built on the ruins of an ancient Benedictine monastery.
In Albenga the past lives together with a city in continuous evolution, which grows and fits to the multiculturality, to the requirements of the modernity and globalisation.
The forthcoming construction of the new school complex, the project for an advanced touristic port, the beach nourishment, the recovery of precious historical buildings useful for the inhabitants and, above all, the new and modern hospital reveal a city in full ferment.In this wide and complex scenario, the interest of the tourist wanders in several events aimed to satisfy the demand, exploiting in the same time the features of the territory: the beach area offers, most of all during summer time, musical and entertainment shows particularly dedicated to young people, while in the historical centre the attention is turned to cultural, historical and scientific events.

But not only: the wide plain, economic motor outside the walls, is the mother of local typical products that make Albenga a floriculture and culinary capital.

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Just 7km away from the Residence Villa Miky, you should visit Alassio which is, without doubt, the ideal destination of the Riviera di Ponente: its enviable wealth, its fine sandy beach that slopes gently are ideal paradise for children, the beautiful gulf with its mild climate all year round, leisure loved by young people, have made the “City of Muretto” a real cult summer destination.

Thriving fishing village, with the birth of the international elite tourism, Alassio has become one of the most elegant center of the coast, surrounded by greenery, from the flowers of its gardens, the beautiful villas in the hills and characterized by its nearly four kilometers of quartz beach and fine limestone, which falls gently into the sea, with almost no slope.

The City offers high quality services and is able to meet various needs during the winter, when you can enjoy moments of relaxation and well-being on the beach thanks to the Hooded, “baskets” of wicker very used in northern Europe that allow toning sessions of light therapy.

The town beloved by Ernest Hemingway, chic and sophisticated destination, offers the opportunity to enjoy the sea but also the nightlife and entertainment. The village is in fact a very popular destination, loved by customers who do not surrender to classic aperitifs in the premises of the walk, the dinners in the restaurants practically on the sea and shopping in the downtown shops, worthy of high fashion boutiques towns.

Alassio is sophisticated, cutting-edge, always fascinating and constantly evolving: one of the Ligurian capital worldliness, where, especially in summer, tourists on holiday or passing through, you add the characters of the national jet-set, thanks to many initiatives related to culture and entertainment that are followed numerous.

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Whale watching

A wonderful excursion, really appreciated by adults and children.Since 1996 the whale watching is suitable for participants of all ages. The main aim is to observe 8 cetacean species populating the protected sea area established by Italy, France and Monaco. A biologist is always present on the boat to comment the watching, providing you with information and curiosity, and collecting important scientific data for research.
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Grotte di Toirano

The province of Savona hosts the famous Toirano’s caves, a complex of caves very appreciated by tourists, particularly known for their varities of stalactites and stalagmites shapes, for their extension, for the very skilled guides who show the touristic path long more than one kilometer and for the discovery of traces of the homo sapiens dated back more than 12.000 years ago and traces of ursus spelaeus dated back 25.000 years ago.

The complex is composed by Bàsura cave (“witch” in dialect), discovered in 1950 by a group of childrens leaving in Toirano and rich of significant traces of the primitive men, and the below Santa Lucia cave, discovered in 1960. In some rooms and corridors were discovered a cemetery of cave bears and carbon traces on the walls originated by the torches used by the hunters men. The cave is important also for the presence, in a small lake, of a tiny prehistoric crustacean, named Niphargus, survived to the estinction. It’s similar to a shrimp; it’s transparent and reaches the maximum length of 7 mm.

Toirano caves opened to the public in 1953. In 1967 they were enlarged with the construction of an artifical tunnel connecting the two caves. Nowadays the path is one-way, with the entrance on the northern part of the hill and the exit on the south-west part.

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Climbing & Adventure

The alpine guides of the Ligurian alpine school “ALPI-WORK” therefore chose Finale as a starting point, not only for climbing, but also for all of the activities related to the Ligurian territory and not only: from canyoning to via ferratas, from skiing to mountaineering.
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